Monday, June 1, 2009

The Weekend Recap

It's Monday and I thought what better way to start the day than by reviewing the fun things I partook of during the weekend before the bitter work related nonsense of the average Monday corrupts my memories.
Originally my friend KC and I were supposed to go to the Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, OH with my friend Jason. Life happened and we could not make it so I ended up spending a lot of time getting to know my own "backyard", i.e. the area surrounding my home. I also spent some time in my old stomping grounds of south east KY visiting with my family and acting silly with my young niece and nephew (ages 3 and 11 months).
Last week was a four day work week for most and I was no exception. I might have worked on Monday but I was off on Friday and set off on a three hour road trip to Garrett, KY with my faithful companion and husband being kind enough to drive while I fiddled with the radio, snapped random camera phone photo's with our three dogs in tow. I have seen very few things to rival the natural beauty of Kentucky in the spring time. Having grown up in the bluegrass state I often take for granted the plethora of flora at our disposal but this weekend I was tuned in and my eyes were fixed and ready to drink it all in.
We spent several hours just talking, hugging and laughing with family before making our way back up to Lexington that Friday night.
Saturday we overslept and missed out on the Farmers Market by about 30 minutes. Since we were already downtown we decided to take a stroll and get to know some of the local businesses. I had no idea that most of the shops and restaurants downtown closed around 3 pm (which coincided with the closing of the Farmers Market) so we did a lot of window shopping and general goofing off. That night Daniel and I decided to try out a "new to us" pizza place over in the Hamburg shopping plaza called "Old Chicago". Their claim to fame was the large number of beers they served (over 110 brews with over 30 on tap!), which we didn't get to try out since it was just the two of us and it wasn't fair for one to get to drink while the other just sort of sat around and watched, so we ordered a Chicago style pizza and some soft drinks.
That was THE best pizza I have ever had the pleasure of eating! Nice crispy crust (even on the bottom which shocked the bejeebies outta me), fantastic sauce and fresh ingredients came together to create the perfect pizza! I'm dead serious, if your ever in town visiting or if you have an Old Chicago near you that you haven't tried yet, DO IT!
To end the night we bought a bottle of a local vineyards ( Acres of Land) Concord grape wine and settled in for the night watching the CW's "Supernatural" season 3 on DVD ( love that show!)
Sunday was spent outdoors about 90% of the time. KC and I took our dogs to the Masterson Station dog park for a couple of hours and just let them run around while we took the opportunity to get in a little exercise of our own by walking laps around the 6 acre, fenced in park. After dropping off our 4 drooly mouthed furry family members we picked up one slightly less furry Daniel and made our way the Yuko En Japanese friendship garden of Georgetown, KY (which is only about 8 miles away from our home here on the north side of Lexington.) I was expecting something a little more...well more, but thought the concept of the garden was nice (even if the potential was not yet fully realized.) There were lots of fun moments of walking about, communing with mother nature all the usual hippie stuff that helps me center myself.
The weekend was wrapped up with a mini cookout (just some fat free weiners and roasted potatos) while watching the MTV movie awards (just because Andy Samberg was hosting AND they had some pretty cool clips of upcoming movies I was to see.) On a negative note it was revealed what a total douche Eminem really is after a mishap stunt were Sascha Cohen (aka Borat, AKA Ali G, AKA Bruno last night) landed on his lap ass first (minus pants) on Eminem's face. The rapper best known for supposedly having a sense of humor at least when it's at the expense of others, stormed out of the ceremony entourage in tow red faced and cursing. Will the real Slim Shady, please grow up, please grow up?

Well that was my weekend in a nutshell. It might not have been what I had planned, but it was certainly fun! Here's hoping the week goes well.


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! I think that there are few people that deserve to have a big sweaty ass in their face more than Eminem...way to go, Sacha!

  2. Good weekend! I thought the Eminem thing pretty funny myself. I've not been to that garden in Georgetown, you will have to let me know how to get there :P And I guess I have a new pizza I need to try to :)


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