Friday, June 5, 2009

Looking Back

Tonight was my ten year high school class reunion and I totally skipped it.
I didn't skip because there wouldn't be anyone there I liked, because several of my good friends from the past (many of whom are still my good friends.)
I didn't skip because I was fearful of not appearing successful or pretty enough in comparison to the rest of our graduating class as I'm quite happy and proud of who I am and where I am at this point in the hopefully long journey of my life.
I didn't skip because it was too far away.
I didn't skip because I hated high school (I was lucky to have lots of good times with lots of really great people over those 4 years.)
I skipped because it didn't feel like something I needed. I know, it sounds odd but it's really the main reason that I'm sitting here typing this blog instead of hanging out with friends at our old stomping grounds.
Sure it would have been nice to see everyone as I'm naturally inquisitive. I'm sure I would have had a good time laughing good heartedly as countless stories of yore were spun about the room in voices I hadn't heard talking together in ten years. When it came down to it, when I asked myself "is this something you want to do?" I felt very nonchalant. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I would attend my ten year reunion I would have emphatically said yes.
I skipped because I know in my heart that the people that are supposed to be in my life are. I think it would have to be exhausting to repeat the same schpill about 30 times tonight. Actually I know it would have been because I have to repeat myself regularly at work. Maybe I sound like a queen "B" or that I'm knocking anyone who enjoys/enjoyed their class reunion. Absolutely not. It's just not "my thing".
I remember so many things. I remember laughing so much during highschool. I remember thinking Steven Estep was a muse sent to inspire a love of English in anyone willing to listen to how passionately he loved Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I remember playing Egyptian rat screw in the library with Jonathan, Penny, Chanda, Gail, Jamie, Jo and whoever else wandered by with nothing particular to do.
I can't imagine being in that building and not seeing the usual suspects. Under 30 people RSVP'ed out of a class of 80 or 90. How strange it would be to not hear those voices but to hear others.
I'm nostalgic tonight and as I drift off to sleep I will wish everyone from the ACHS graduating class of '99 all the best.


  1. I missed you lots!! It was really weird to see everyone who was there, not that I imagine everyone would be the same as in high school, but it is still just weird because those high school memories are strong I guess :) As I understand this was something you felt you did not need to do, I think my curiosity of what others are doing now took over :) I didn't need to be there, but it was good I was there. Love you the way, you need to tell me when a good time for a cookout would be for you guys!

  2. I too am not interested at all in going to any school reunions...and mine is 17 years past...shit, I'm old...
    I am on Facebook and loads of my old classmates are on there and are on my friends's like a virtual class reunion, therefore removing any needs for stupid school reunions...hehehe,...


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