Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mrs. Saturday Night Special

It's Saturday night which is a night of drinks with friends and social gatherings for most. Tonight, for yours truly, it means putting on my sweats, dusting of my Lord of the Rings trilogy (with the Hobbit prequel to begin production next year sometime I just discovered!) and settling in for a night spent avoiding doing laundry, playing with my pups and maybe dipping into my stash of Edy's Fully Loaded Choclate Waffle Cone ice cream (insert zombiesque drooling here.)
Instead of longing to be out and hustling about, knocking back a few brewskies and laughing at the general buffoonery that occurs when large groups of people gather in tiny spaces (i.e. bars) and consume large amounts of alcohol, I am quite happy to be cozied up in my own little piece-o-the-pie and relaxing. Don't get me wrong, I still like drinking (but it's a bit more refined these days) and I adore spending time with friends I don't get to see often enough, but nights like this don't make me restless the way they once did.
I like nights were I can reflect or just zone out and slow down. I am so sick to death with fast this, quick that, one hour there...all the instant gratification and half assed rushing.
Needless to say I'm relishing this time. The only thing I wish I had done was pick up a bottle of wine to help me slip into my slow-down-Saturday-stupor.
Yesterday was a truly shitty Friday. I do assisted living for individuals with varying degree's of mental retardation (and a plethora of other mental conditions) which often times involves cleaning up every bodily fluid imaginable. Yesterday's output was times about a 100.
On top of that my husbands ever so "wonderful" cat, Spookshow Baby, knocked my brand new cell phone into a sink full of dishwater.

That is the sound a $50 insurance premium being tacked onto my next months phone bill. I am convinced that cat is Hitler re-incarnated.

So tonight is glorious in all of it's boring glory.
Uh oh...Gandalf is about to throw down with Balrog. I gotta' go get my geek on.

Later lovelies!


  1. You DO have a way with words! Ever thought of a book?

  2. oh my geez phone in the sink is never good! :)

    ps i am a middle child too!

  3. I've have started about 15 stories Sheila but have finished zero! *=-P Perhaps when I learn to center myself a bit more I will have the discipline to start AND finish a book.

    Haley-I don't know if it's the soundtrack or what but if I watch LOTR after a bad day it calms me right down. It must speak to my inner nerd. *=-P

    MLB- Middle kids rock tha' casbah!

  4. I have that is. Damn Monday night sticky fingers. *=-P

  5. Hot shit, I want that road sign!! My wife and I sit down about every 3-4 months to watch the trilogy too...Gandalf is king of kings...


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