Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I ♥ Geeks

...and nerds, dorks and the various other labels associated with people with big, firm, filled to the brim brains. No gook, goo and black stuff for them, they have mathematics to mull over and video games to code!
I married a self proclaimed nerd 3 years ago and have never looked back. He plays Dungeons and Dragons, loves video games and enjoys working mathematics equations (which makes me quiver in terror and delight all at once!) He taught yours truly how to play Magic The Gathering (which I've become quite good at) and we've spent many nights/days just reading in the same room together. My only qualm with him is that he loathes the outdoors, which I love, but I suppose it comes with the territory. You don't get very good internet connection when your hiking and tanning is expressly forbidden when you take the nerd oath (or so he says.) So I'm content to have some things that I do just for me (like being outdoors) and I leave him to his D20's.
Did I mention he played the tuba in band?
*feels all twitterpated*

Here's my nerdy love while gaming...and something has obviously gone amiss.

Now to share a lil something funny since I'm over my middle finger, mediocre Monday blues.

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while i porn surfed, weak and weary,
over many a strange and spurious site of 'hot xxx galore'.
While i clicked my fav'rite bookmark, suddenly there came a warning, and my heart was filled with mourning, mourning for my dear amour,
" 'Tis not possible!", i muttered, "give me back my free hardcore!"
quoth the server, 404."


  1. Tuba band! That's awesome. I was a total band nerd- even won an award and went on to study music in college! My honey on the other hand is more of an engineer and computer nerd. But he's also a self proclaimed "redneck" and loves to hunt and fish so we go camping a pleanty.

  2. I was always friends with the "band geeks" but wasn't gifted musically (except for having great ears to listen!).
    You've got a nice blend goin' on there. A "reek"! *=-)

  3. Haha, I have me a nerd too, bless him. Nerds = sexeh! :) We both love the outdoors although I'm more prepared to be active in it than he is. You can't get a good internet connection in the outdoors you know!

  4. hahaha I don't have a nerd... in my relationship... I AM the nerd :P

    I love your header!!! genius...


  5. VA-I love it when he talks nerdy to me. *=-P

    Toothfairy-Nothing wrong with wearing the pocket protector in the relationship! *=-)
    Thanks for the kind words. I love the photo's on your site! Fanstastic!


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