Thursday, November 18, 2010

Remember, remember

"You know, I seriously think you are the other half of me." He says this with a look of love so deep that I honestly lose my breath for a second, and that deep, fulfilling sense of warmth you feel in your stomach when something amazing has happened creeps up, making me smile with contentment. My life is a fairytale, complete with the intricacies of a great love lost and then found again. As I exhale, I feel our souls slide together a little more, the bond there leaving me reluctant to even blink.
He takes my hand and kisses the palm so tenderly, I begin to doubt that it is really happening.
" I love you so much, Mrs. Cordial. What did I ever did without you?" He leans in and kisses me then and the world stops. I can only hear the beating of our hearts. Faster. In perfect rhythm.
"I love you too, always have, always will, no matter what..." I whisper, because my voice is so thick with emotion I couldn't speak louder. He squeezes me tight, as if he's afraid something with sweep me away.
"No matter what...I like that." He strokes my hair, humming a song we both enjoyed. Sleep takes me.

"I don't want to be there anymore...I haven't for a long time." I don't hear a sound...the words flash on a screen cutting me like thousands of tiny shards of glass. The world is cold now except for my tears, which scald my cheeks as they make their descent. Everything changes. Nothing is safe anymore. I am looking for lights and find them in the people I love and warm myself there before walking on, searching for a new path in all the chaos. His light still shines, but flickers dangerously. With each day, I feel my own light growing, fending off the darkness of long, lonely nights filled with questions and doubt. Someday, the dark will no longer be the enemy. His face will not haunt me there. His smell will not linger on my sheets. His voice will not echo in my ears.
Oh love. How sharp and bright your flame is.

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