Thursday, June 18, 2009

That Meredith Brooks Gal Must Have Met Me In the Summertime

Tonight as I was driving home, singing GNR's "Sweet Child of Mine" with great enthusiasm (as I am quite the rock star within' the confines of my own car) I noticed my first lightning bug of the season. It was then I realized that it is officially summertime in the bluegrass state. I have mixed feelings about the summer. Actually, I'm not a "summer" person. I don't like the stifling heat and humidity that seem to go hand in hand during the summer in Kentucky. I definitely don't like the severe storms (until recently I had a such a fear of storms that I would cower in my bathtub with a flashlight, a bottle of water and my cell phone whenever a tornado watch was issued), or at least storms that could potentially produce winds strong enough to rip my freaking house out of the ground. I despise being hot. I know most people don't relish it, but I loathe being overheated. I become a cranky, foul-mouthed, golum whenever the temperature gets over 85 and I'm forced to be out and about. The only cure is to get me to a large body of water and let me splash around. If I have access to a pool, a lake (maybe one day the ocean?) then I don't mind the hot days.
I'm a moody bitch.
I spend a lot more time out and about at night during the summer. I suppose you could say I'm a summertime vampire.
Just thinking about this time of the year makes me yearn for patios, bbq's, ice cold beers/drinks and good friends. Maybe not at my house so much this year because the cleanup of said get togethers is just too much of a hassle during a hangover. This summer I want to be the annoying person that leaves beer bottles just laying randomly around, without a coaster (I know this is such a "woman" complaint, but how hard is it really to move your fucking beer 2 inches and put it on the huge coaster right in front of you?hmmmmmm!?) for someone else to clean up.
I'm tentatively making plans to visit Chicago for the first time next month. I have a good friend who lives just a few minutes away from downtown and is offering me a free place to stay for a few days. I've passed up the opportunity about 5 times now so evidently the 6th times a charm.
I think I'm going to go and Google things to do on my trip. If ya'll have any ideas, comments or piercing critical insights, lemme know.



  1. Piercing or critical insights? I'm afraid I have none... but I do have to agree that it is already fucking hot around here... and yet, I cannot just walk around in my birthday suit! Well I could, but I would probably be making unwanted friends in a jail cell after that...

  2. Hey if you do make it to Chicago let me know and if Chris and I can swing and you are available will meet you for dinner one night. We only live 1 1/2 to 2 hours south of Chicago.

  3. i love the idea of leaving beer bottles laying randomly around ! yeeeppppp

  4. OM-You could always join a nudist colony or something. Does Kentucky have a nudist colony? If no, there's your next business venture. You can just strut it all the live long day. Sounds like mighty fine livin' to me.

    Lisa-I certainly will let you know. I would love to see you and your hubby! (haven't seen you since ya'll first got married!)

    Cybeel- I get giddy just thinking about leaving beer bottles strewn about someone elses home. I have issues. *=-)

  5. I have to say it sounds pretty sweet to me too...hahaha!

  6. Fun! Sounds like an awesome trip!!


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