Thursday, June 25, 2009

In your heaaaaddddd...zombieeeesss.....*insert Cranberries song here*

For the last three weeks I've had various dreams all with one central theme....zombie apocalypse.
Although I'm an avid movie goer with a special place in my heart reserved solely for the "horror" genre, I haven't watched zombie cinema that was worth a damn since Shaun of the Dead.
Anyway, my dreams have been pretty flippin' realistic. I've woken up at least once a night since the dreams started even when taking melatonin (which helps combat my insomniac tendencies) with a cold sweat and much elevated heart beat.
It's times like this that I wish I had a gypsy, psychic, dream interpreter-ish friend to ask what the significance is in watching my parents get mauled by zombies or watching myself lop off zombie heads via a motorcycle I wish I had, or lead a group of nomadic survivors from one location to the next while looking for a can of pineapples to complete a zombie cure (or if they're anything like ham, a great way to baste one!) I always knew pineapple was a wonder fruit.

Zombie's have been on my mind (brraaaaiinnnnnsss!!??) so often lately that I actually had an honest to God discussion with a friend of mine on why zombie's are always thought of as brain eaters. That idea didn't come from the zombie that first orginiated in voodoo culture, they were just people that bugged the shit out of their family and friends enough that said family and friends would consult with a bokor (a fancy schmancy term for socerer) to have "annoying persons" light switch" turned off. In other words, they went and got themselves zombiefied ( I can think of several applications where this would be handy in my own everyday life but have yet to meet a bokur in KY suburbia.) And how, pray tell, are said brain dead zombie creatures supposed to get to our brains anyhow? Our skulls are pretty freaking tough...and zombies, well traditional zombies, are pretty fucking stupid. You don't get super powers when you join the ranks of the how the hell are zombies supposed to be able to just chew thru the human skull? If you don't count "Dawn of the Dead" zombies aren't capable of using power tools (or in that movie operating rifles and sawed off shot guns)....
Ahhh...this is were my thoughts have been as of late. No working on the cure of cancer or writing the great American novel for moi...I've got zombie's on the brain.

In other news, I'm hosting a BBQ for Kaycie's 27th birthday this weekend. She's neurotic enough to want to host the party a week in advance just to bypass July 4th shennanigans. When I say host, I just mean I'm relaying the message to everyone we know. She's the only person I know that plans their own birthday gatherings, her requirements are that specific. The night is going to include going to a new local nightclub, the Bakers 360 lounge in downtown Lex (which is thankfully only about 2 miles away from my house.) The place looks kind of pretentious (whereas I prefer dives, pubs, taverns, things of a more low key nature) but I'll go for the sake of my friend. Yarrrg. I'll be sure to let ya'll know if that went over like a lead balloon or not.
Welp, it's about time I head out and get some festive do dads for the party.
Remember, in case of a zombie apocalypse...*best when listening to Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl"*


  1. I always wondered too why Zombies wanted everybody's brains...I think it would be funnier if all they want are genitals...

  2. LMAO at the genitals comment above...too too funny!

  3. OM- Maybe if zombie's were after genitals the nimrods in the movies wouldn't be so quick to traipse off on their own and say things like "I'll be right back". People tend to be more protective of their jank than their brains.
    I bet the number of male horror fans would drop tremendously if zombie's started chewin' on weiners.

  4. OK. I would totally view cock chomping. Not so Sorry, I am sick in that aspect. I am a woman after all.

    I just recently viewed a sexual zombie blood bath. DAMN! What the hell was the name of that flick!?

    Regardless, the main actress in Blue Movie gave a guest appearance. JJ, anyone?

    I watch too much porn.

  5. did you know that this is the 3rd post this week I've read about zombie dreams?

    that scares me more than having zombie dreams.

    what if...?
    never mind. I'm not even going to say it.

    thank you for following my blog so I could find yours! I love it!


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