Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Unoriginal Halloween Costume Shoppe

Halloween is only 10 days away, and to celebrate, I've called into work today (hooooray!)so that I can finish up some homework. I have about 5 different "haunted houses" I want to visit this weekend, so I needed some time to finish up some absolutely necessary assignments for my Comparative Politics class. Boo for writing a case study about why Afghanistan is struggling to establish itself as a democracy (I think it's excessive to ask for 5 pages when it can be aptly summed up by saying "Religious intolerance+archaic belief systems=me hate you long time")
So, instead of doing what I had set out to do (homework) I'm uploading funny Halloween related video's to Blogger and Facebook. God bless you technology!
So enjoy.
I apologize for the video if your dressing as a slutty *insert anything here* or the Balloon Boy (or perhaps a slutty version of the Balloon Boy!) Actually, no I'm not. I despise the slutty costumes. Dressing up began as a way to deter spirits from inhabiting your body and wearing a slutty nurse outfit is just asking to go all Exorcist and shit. Actually....I suppose it could be viewed as a form of natural selection. Hmmmmmm.....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm Really Just This Damned Nosey

What a week.
So far I've had to sit at the hospital with a very ill client that I have had the pleasure of assisting for the last 3 years. She has downs syndrome and for those of you familiar with downs, you know that generally people with that diagnosis are always happy, hungry and horny (kind of like my husband on Thanksgiving day I suppose...hmm...I wonder). It's been really hard to watch someone usually so vital fight for her life for reasons I can't (damn you HIPPA!) discuss but am infuriated over. That's not the reason I'm posting, but I thought I would just sort of set the tone for what this post is going to be like. So no references to farting (although I can say the lady in the bed next to my clients seems to be pooping on herself every 5 seconds with a smell so foul you would think you were in a bathroom at a worlds hottest chili convention) , music or any other stuff that I typically like to drone on about.
This is a "I'm sitting in the hospital taking a break from studying" kind of post.

I'm sitting here in the waiting room, since my company wants each client to have an employee with them to advocate if need be while they are in the hospital, watching a plethora of people dealing with sickness, grief, frustration and despair. No I'm not in Disneyland, I'm at UK.
Needless to say, I don't like hospitals (anyone who does is crazzzzzzzy), but I can't help but get wrapped up in the lives of the people that mill in and out during the course of the 8 hours I'm here (even though I really should studying for the 2 gynormous midterms I have tomorrow morning).
So many sad stories...and astounding one's. It's kind of watching an episode of House without the quirky wise cracking doctor (that is my make believe boyfriend much like Jules make believe boyfriend on the Daily Show). So far I've heard the story of a man who has recovered from pneumonia only to be told he has to have open heart surgery (that he will likely not survive) because of the extreme amount of blockage they found.
I've heard the story of a lady who came here with a knee fracture only to be told that she has a blood clot blocking the entire left side of her heart and fluid gathering in her lungs.
Does anyone who goes to the hospital ever get treated for what they came for? I liken it to taking your car to a garage to explore why you have difficulty closing the trunk only to be told by the mechanic that your engine is crapped out and it'll have to replaced. That's just
So I sit here, vigilant, and perhaps more nosey than I should be. The others in the waiting room are now watching some sort of old regular baptist church program complete with banjo's and voices that can't quite carry a tune. Time to check on my client and her family.
Send positive energy her way if you have any to spare. She's my lil buddy and I don't know if I could stick with this job if she doesn't make it.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Critty Is A Rolling Stone

In one hour I will be at Rupp Arena watching Kings of Leon and their fiery sex light up the stage. Needless to say, I'm stoked.
October is my favorite month out of the year. There are tons of festivals/carnivals/freak shows, live concerts, and the opportunity to wear really cute little jackets and hats without running the risk of heat stroke.
My husband bought a new digital camera for moi. I wanted something a little less technical than my film SLR (which I still adore but admit that it isn't as convenient as digital photography) so he purchased the Nikon L100. It's pretty darned spiffy and I'm looking forward to snapping a few pics of tonight's show to test the 24 optical zoom.
I love live music. Although I prefer shows in a smaller venue (think 1,000 capacity) there's something to be said about being one of the masses at a concert like I'm going to tonight (I think 20,000). The energy of being around so many other people who "get" the kind of music you rock to, well, it's downright refreshing. Sure, it sucks to pay fucking $20 for one beer and wait 30 minutes to release that beer back into the circle of life (or pee it out if your crude), but for some reason I love it (concerts, not pissing in dirty, overstuffed bathrooms). *=-P
I hope everyone's weekend is fantastic!

UPDATE: The show was FANTASTIC! I really enjoyed White Lies, the opening act, which sounded like a really good cross between U2, The Cure and AFI. Even though my right heel is KILLING me (I swear I wore flats...but I guess they were just a little TOO flat) and chose not to drink anything except water during last nights show, I had such a good time dancing and singing along with my girl KC. She came up with a jewel of a quote as we were listening to "Revelry" when she said "I bet he's a vegan. He sounds like a vegan." He was quite thin, as you'll see in the pics I'm posting, so she might be right (although I'm unsure why this thought occurred when it did. So random!)
I would highly recommend catching a KOL show if they come to your neck of the woods. It's well worth the $45.
Here are some pics.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Because I'm So Deliciously Over The Top

One of my blogger ( I originally type bloger and it made me laugh out loud for real like a juvenile) and right across the road friends, Chanda over at Other Everyday Stuff has appeased my bruised ego by offering me this here lil award
and since it comes with some strings attached (as most things in life do) I'm fulfilling my end of the bargain by making this post. Enjoy your trip fantastic into my odd psyche.

Here are the rules for the Over the Top Award:USE ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not as easy as you might think. Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It’s really hard to use only one-word answers.

1. Where is your cell phone? unknown

2. Your hair? wavy

3. Your mother? fantastic

4. Your father? Funny

5. Your favorite food? Potato’s

6. Your dream last night? Zombie

7. Your favorite drink? Tea

8. Your dream/goal? travel

9. What room are you in? bedroom

10. Your hobby? reading

11. Your fear? clowns

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Uranus

13. Where were you last night? Work

14. Something that you aren’t? rich

15. Muffins? yum

16. Wish list item? Masseuse

17. Where did you grow up? Kentucky

18. Last thing you did? Stretch

19. What are you wearing? thermal

20. Your TV? Dumb

21. Your pets? sleeping

22. Friends? LOVE!

23. Your life? BUSY

24. Your mood? spooky

25. Missing someone? MJ

26. Vehicle? Chevy

27. Something you’re not wearing? socks

28. Your favorite store? Pier1

29. Your favorite color? green

30. When was the last time you laughed? today

31. Last time you cried? today

32. Your best friend? Dan

33. One place that I go to over and over? toilet

34. One person who emails me regularly? bank

35. Favorite place to eat? greek

And to pass this award on to some great fellow bloggers!
Organic Meatbag
Zero Pumpkin
Oh, Rebecca
Scarlett's Walk

KUDOS to ya'll. *=-)
Now, I'm off to scavenge my kitchen for something adult to drink and I'm not talking prune juice! *=-P


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Am Not Dead (but am planning on being undead soon)

Greetings fellow blogorino's!
First and foremost, let me say, if you didn't get it from my title, that I am not dead! RAWKING!
However, I've been swamped with school, work and trying to get things lined up for my 7th annual Halloween bash. Most days the only time I'm even online is to check Blackboard (my new arch nemesis by the way.)
Life has been pretty good. I saw the Silversun Pickups in concert with Manchester Orchestra and Cage the Elephant about a week ago (fantastic show in which I was so close to the stage I could practically taste Brian's sweet, sweet, sweat) at my new favorite bar/billiard room. The Saturday before that I saw a band that I'm totally obsessing over, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun. Imagine if Bjork, Depeche Mode and Hole had a musical baby that wasn't all cracked out.
I'm going to try and stop in more often as I miss all of you MUCHO, but I can't really promise it'll be as often as I'd like. I have time tonight because I left work early due to my busted ass sinuses making me feel like I have Samuel Jackson-esque eye pokeyoutiness (hooray for making up words!)
Thanks to all who gave me awards, I'll be retrieving those shortly. My ego has been appropriately stroked now. *purr, purr*
What are everyone's Halloween plans?
I've got my costume lined up, the house decked out (complete with zombies and such) and some tasty "it'll get ya' drunk" drink recipes!
Shin Digs going on in your area?
I love hearing about all that stuff.
Take care lovelies!
Feel free to add me on Facebook if you want to keep in touch more regularly, since I check that on my phone in between classes and work.

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