Thursday, May 28, 2009


Another night comes and goes and here I sit looking at my toes.

How many miles have I walked in this life of mine? How many more do I have to go? Where will these toes take me? Will they all make it or will there be casualties along the way?

Toes are to our feet what our friends and family are to our soul, those little lifelines that keep you grounded and stable (or at least as stable as one can be in a world as tumultous as this one) without which life would be a wobbly mess.

I've never really thought about how important my toes really are until tonight. Yet another thing taken for granted because they've always been there. I've looked at them and thought "hey that nail polish looks crack-a-lackin" or "not too shabby" but I've never looked at them for the important appendages that they are.

Whether your a foot conesseiur or you want to retch at the sight of them, toes are pretty damned important.

Do something nice for your toes today, because without them you'd be screwed.

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  1. Thanks for the follow! You have a cute blog. I like the 'fucking stupid' option, although you're not!


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