Friday, June 19, 2009

From Where I'm Sitting

From where I'm sitting I can see two dogs running around like the devil was chasin' 'em with a red hot poker when actually they're just happy to be alive, together and well fed.
From where I'm sitting I watch said dogs chew happily on the foot of another animal (cow hoof) oblivious to how right or wrong it is for them to be entertained/joyful about chewing on the mode of transportation of another creature. I am not immune to the comedies/tragedies of everyday life or how fine a line exists between those two very different realities. I work five days a week for a "better life". I work for the weekends, those two out of 7 of my life when I am rarely expected to be anything other than another person throwing money into the commercial, economic war- machine that is American society. I am corrupted by the very things I enjoy. I make a choice everyday to continue as I am or rebel against this life I've made for myself.
From where I'm sitting I see my lawn freshly mowed by the hand of someone I've never met. My lawn is someone's job. Is this the American dream?
From where I'm sitting I can see a life that is mine, good or bad. I stretch my toes and relish my right to paint them whatever whacky color that comes to mind. Today they are a sultry red, nothing fancy, nothing too funky, but vibrant and alive. Maybe I'll change the color or maybe I'll wait until it's chipped and faded because I tell myself I'm too busy to fix it.
The best part about where I am sitting is that should I choose, I can sit somewhere else.
No wait.
I can stand somewhere else. Because the problem isn't with what I'm seeing but how I'm seeing it. I live a life seen through many angles and am all the better for it.
"Change is inevitable. Except from a vending machine."
*best read when listening to Band of Horses sing "The Funeral". *



  1. Ahhhh, you haven't turned your brain off yet, have you...that's some pretty deep thinking, my friend... nice commentary for us all!

  2. I won't be able to pickle myself into mindless yimmer yammer until after 11p.m. (when my shift ends.)
    Power down mode in t-minus 9 hours.

  3. I love reading your writings....this is a great piece! So many can connect to what you are saying, including myself :)

  4. Why thank you Chanda.
    I was feeling quite "deep" when I wrote this.
    And people says miracles don't happen.


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