Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

So I've been peeping around in the blogs that I "Follow" and noticed that most of you out there in internet webitron land are also enjoying the mind numbing benefits of a lazy Sunday (or perhaps by the time your reading this it's already Monday and your thinking of calling in sick like moi?)
I've been feeling all "BLECH" today after standing out in the rain with Cassie and Kaycie to watch the fireworks display in downtown Lexington. Don't get me wrong, it was great spending time with my besties, but not so great to have to wear a sweater (but forget your rain coat) on again off again kind of rainy night when the temp is only about 65.
This is my sad rainy face...

We had a fantastically silly time dining out at our favorite Italian restaurant (Johnny Carrino's), shopping and picture taking to pass the time before the festivities (and showers) commenced (or as KC called it, "a memory in the making" my reply to this was "a memory of the hospital bill I have after I catch my freaking death out here!!)'s some evidence.

KC showing me her abcess...which resulted in a picture that I warmly refer to as "Vagina Face." (for obvious reasons)

Kaycie hanging out on the street looking like a Bruce Springsteen video reject. *=-)

Hanging out in the car before we decide "it will be better to watch the fireworks at the top of that bridge." Yeah, if better is soaking wet with major THO. *=-P

I was asked to be "good" and all I came up with was the old school kindergarten pose. Ain't I an angel? A big breasted, potty mouthed, beer drinking angel? *=-P

Overall, I enjoyed my Fourth of July. The party I had for my clients was a major success (with lots of full bellies and mega smiles), I have yet to die from my exposure to the elements last night and I saw some pretty nifty pyrotechnics.
Now...only 1 1/2 weeks to my vacation time and birthday shenanigans!

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