Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Be a Guest In My Hizzouse

I was invited by the incredibly creative Mr. C (who I have the compelling urge to call Dr. every single time I think of his site) to give ya'll a peek into my little slice of Americana. Since I absolutely LOVE the idea of peeking into all of your homes, seeing as how I'm a nosy little thing, it's only fair that I give all of you lovely bloggers the same kind of eyesore courtesy.

First and foremost...this is where I'm typing from and usually how I simmer down after a long work day.

I try and keep my lil space neat, but my husband see's fit to deposit his change on MY desk instead of his own. I have tried to provide him a basket, a shelf and various other means for holding his crap but he is unwilling to cooperate. *shakes fist grudgingly*
Next you would probably notice that I love books. I have them everywhere. Here is a shelf that I think sums me up pretty nicely.

Please forgive the Twilight novel (although I will not renounce my love for the series, Edward 4 Life) but also notice my copy of Octavia Butler's "Fledgling". Her work is vivid, brutal and fantastic. If you are a vamp enthusiast, prepare for a good read.

I take a nap here.... so that I'm not unbearably grumpy before entertaining guests.

I would invite you to help me pick a dish for dinner from these cookbooks.

The hubs and I love cooking out and we were given the grilling out cookbook by a lady he once worked with who had a recipe published in the book.
Because I try and be at least a little healthy, sometimes, we use the Fat Free Italian cookbook on days when I feel like a beached beluga whale (so pretty often.)

I almost always have baked goods laying about so I'll offer you whatever goody I have whipped up at the time. Here is my favorite, peanut cookies.

Obviously, cat is on the menu for the night. Might I suggest the fat one that belongs to my friend KC? He could easily feed a family of three.

Once we've decided on what we're going to grub on during your visit I'll seat you here...

...and ask what movie you'd like to watch. We have over 350 DVD's to choose from, so take your time. If your lost in the sea of cinema, these are a few that I might suggest;

I'll also be sure to offer you either of these fine adult beverages. We like to support our local breweries and winery's so both of our selections are KY proud and locally manufactured. You can practically taste the bluegrass.

Kentucky Ale

Cabernet Sauvingon from Chrisman Mills Winery

I hope you've enjoyed snooping your way through my home and the plethora of crap I have in it. Keep in mind, if you visit moi and you have allergies, bring your inhaler. We have 4 dogs and a cat living with us (and even though I vacuum and dust daily, life can get pretty hairy)


  1. Haha, when I read "KY Proud" I was a little concerned. And titilated! I didn't realize you were talking about BOOZE! :)

  2. Muahahhahahahahhahaha.
    I love that word.

    And of course I'm talking about booze. I've been on vacation. It's been all I've thought about. *=-P

  3. Woo hoo I got to visit your place! 350 DVD's!? Wow!

    Impressive, do you have freddy got fingered?

    I'm all for anything grilled and ill have the wine please.

    Ill pet that cat too, does he bite?

  4. Mr.-
    I do have Freddy got fingered and find myself quoting it when I've had too much of the KY Ale "Daddy would you like some sausage?"

    The cat only bites things that are in his food bowl so as long as you steer clear of it, you should survive the visit.

  5. I like the drapes in the kitchen! My family and I are moving next week and i'm totally looking forward to recreating "my space" is for dinner (and lunch ) often at my house. Maybeline, my fat cat, knows no boundaries!

  6. You have a REALLY cute place!!! LOVE the decor!

  7. You have a great place! I love seeing pictures of your house! And since I live like a minute drive from you, I need to visit sometime....and you need to get over here! Let me know a weekend (or weekday also since Damien works weekends) you are free and we'll barbeque over here or something!

  8. I love this post, and your dining room most of all!

  9. i am thoroughly impressed with anyone who bakes, and regularly too!! thanks for the tour :)

  10. I guess you'd be opposed to serving the Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniels?

  11. Roxanne-Why thank you. I found those drapes at Pier 1. They have all sorts of nifty finds there. I've told the hubs I've considered applying for a second job there just so I could get a discount (shameless I know).

    Jules-It's no Taj Mahal (man can you imagine CLEANING that place!?!?), but it's home!

    Chanda-It really is sad that you live right across the street (pretty much) and we've never been to each others houses. We will remedy this before the summer is finished!

    Lora- Since I love to cook I really took the time to make the dining room/kitchen area "my space". So thank you for not finding me incredibly tacky.

    Lana-I love love love being in the kitchen. I'm always making little treats, particularly on the weekend, for anyone who happens to meander into my house. The way I see it, if anyone breaks in the cookies outta' detour 'em long enough for me to club 'em with my chi straightening iron.

    Valerie-I'm not opposed to it at all! My sister resides in TN so I proudly support the booze industry there as well. Anything that helps smooth over family reunions.

  12. You shouldn’t feel too worried about having one of the Twilight series on display. There is counselling available for people struggling to cope with your affliction. There’s no need to let it ruin your life.

  13. How cute is your home! (Brave to show it) And I like the detailed explanation of each room!

  14. Hey :) Sorry it's taken me so long to return the visit.

    You have such a cool home! I love it! And seriously impressed with your dvd collection.

    Maybe I should have something from the low fat Italian cookbook (although I'd really love a big grilled burger) ... since I intend to stuff my face with those awesome looking peanut cookies which will no doubt make my hips expand to the size of a small country. But hey! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :P

  15. beautiful house. 350 dvd's wow...i have about 60...time to buy some more i think

  16. gasp! your doggie is adorable! zomg! we should have a doggie play date where our dogs can get together and be cute.

    sorry, i've forgotten everything i was going to say about dinner. except: mmmmm, peanut butter cooookies.

  17. Oh man, I hear you on the dog hair! We have two large dogs and the hair is simply unbelievable! I vacuum constantly and it doesn't make a dent...We're not even going to talk about my sofa's which they like to sneak up on...


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