Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back When Cartoons Only Required the Clicking of a Pencil

When did cartoons go the way of the dinosaur?
What ever happened to...

The Snorks...

Jabber Jaws-

The X-Men(the cool 90's version that actually tried to follow the comics)-

Darkwing Duck-

Chip-N-Dale Rescue Rangers-

The Shirt Tails-

The Animaniacs-

The Wuzzles-

Kids these days now have things like Rescue Pets (which my niece LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES to watch with zombie-like attentiveness), Barney the Dinosaur (or has he too gone the way of...er...himself?), Backyardigans and other weirdo cartoons like Pokemon (which is like a freaking seizure of flashing lights, strange Japanese animals and some sort of gambling addiction?)
I mean, it's no wonder so many kids are being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD...I wouldn't be able to contain my rage either if I was being told to watch that especially shitty television programing.
I'm glad that shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad are still around and still employ the use of actual cartoonists instead of someone who is hella good with various online photo editing/creation. There's just something special about knowing at least some artists who still use a pencil rather than a mouse still have a job. I'm not trying to knock computer graphic designing, I've enjoyed such computer animated endeavors as Wally, Finding Nemo...etc. I just think it's a little sad that so few cartoons employ the use of cartoonist and opt for puppets or animals stuffed into odd looking wardrobes.
Ahh. I'm becoming one of those old, crotchety people that shake their fist and say "back in my day!"
Damnit. I was hoping I would hold off on that until I got my first gray hair.
I'm off to walk barefoot, up a hill, backwards, in the snow to get a ice cold Cokey Cola for a nickel at the nearest general store 5 miles away.
(Or watch Boomerang and reminisce about the glory days of animation.)


  1. I absolutely love the animaniacs.

  2. Ahhh, your comments are working again... heheheh...all I can say is : The Simpsons is the greatest animated show EVER...

  3. You forgot about the Smurfs....

  4. Hannah-It was a freaking great show that was topped off with Pinky and the Brain.

    OM-I have defeated the electronic devil and regained my soul....er....comments options. *=-) And I agree, The Simpson's are THE single greatest show to ever grace the television screen.

    Courtney-I can't think of the Smurfs without thinking "Poor, poor Smurfette." Unless of course she was a nymphomaniac...which is very possible. I mean, why volunteer to be the only chick in town unless you preffered it that way. *=-P

    Also, I loved the Paw Paw Bears, Gummy Bears, Yogi Bears, The Pound Puppies, Dune Buggy...man that dune buggy talkin' car...that was pre-piss test for cartoonists I'm sure. *=-P

  5. teenage mutant ninja turtles anyone?

  6. Whoa wuzzles was a blast from the past :)

    I had butterbear.

    She rah, the gummy bears and thundercats were my favourites though, when I was an actual kid.

    Just noticed you in my followers today, which sounds a bit cult like lol. So thought I would say hello :)

  7. Valerie-Hero's in a half shell, turtle power!!!
    That show kept the word "gnarly" in use way after it's time. *=-)

    Claire- I had Butterbear and BumbleLion. I also had some popples.
    I dedicated most of my Saturday's to cartoon watching. Now Saturday's are all "learn this" "moral that"...blaaah.
    And yup, I drank the kool-aid (aka joined your blog followers) *=-)

  8. oh i loved jabberjaw haha that shark was nuts!

  9. Mr.-What I think is fascinating is that he totally ripped off Rodney Dangerfield for his catchphrase (perhaps why it only lasted two seasons) "No respect."

  10. As I scrolled through this post, I thought - Oooh, one of my favorites! No, THAT's one of my favorites! Oh, man, nothing's better than that!!! I think I read somewhere that Disney was going to go old school and release a hand-drawn film. Or maybe that was wishful thinking.

    Just stopping by to say thanks for the follow and return it!

  11. I barely remember animaniacs... my brain fails me on the other ones.


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