Monday, July 13, 2009


Over the weekend, the Hubs and I decided to watch Sacha Baron Cohen's (I wonder if he just threw in that Baron part for comedic value?)newest movie, Bruno, that we will all have to endure hearing endless quotage of for the rest of the year (think Borat's "verrrrryyy niccccee.") The Hubs will probably be leading the band wagon as he was still quoting Borat as were walking to our seats. I'm not sure if it was his way of expressing his excitement over seeing a new film that he could rip off in his daily comedic meanderings, or if he was reassuring himself that even if this film flopped he could still fall back on the various Borat catch phrases he'd memorized ("Do you want to make sexy time?") Keep in mind now, I really enjoyed Borat, but didn't feel as much of a need to incorporate it into my everyday vernacular (but enough to sport a "Glorious Khazikstan" t-shirt.)
I was expecting a theater packed with testosterone, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the ratio of men to women was pretty even (KAPOW! Take that sexism!)
Now I'm not going to give away too much of the movie because it makes me want to do the Mexican hat dance on the face of whoever spoils a movie for moi.
What I will say is, be prepared to see full blown penis action....and talking penis holes. That's all I'm saying.
What I do like is that Sacha seems to always find the most uptight groups of people...stage parents, terrorist groups in the middle east, publicists and celebrities, and then makes a movie out of their ignorance. We laugh because we know it's true. Something that seems so outrageous on the screen, like the recurring extreme racism and prejudice in Borat, is a reality for a lot of people (unfortunately) in the grand ole U.S. of A.. Laughter is a powerful thing and by making movie's like Borat and Bruno, Sacha is letting us know, in his own twisted, hilarious way, the things about the world that he finds lacking and exposing it in such a way that even though your laughing, your also thinking. That's exactly why I think he's a comedic genius.
Best line of the movie occurs after congressman Ron Paul pronounces Bruno a “queer,” the flamboyant fashionHEsta laments, “I couldn’t even shtup Rupaul (sic). How am I going to get famous?"

In other news.
This will probably be my only post this week seeing as how I'm going to take a few days off to celebrate my big 2-8 birthday with my friends and kinfolk.
I plan on indulging in lots of adult beverages and I really don't think ya'll want me posting when I'm all pumped full of Kentucky Ale (best beer around in my opinion!) and rum. My birthday falls on a Thursday this year (woot!) so we'll probably be hitting up a karaoke bar of some sort downtown to add that special kind of magic to the night that only singing off key amongst strangers can do. *=-)

Wrapping up.
Go see Bruno but be prepared from some man sausage.
I've survived another year with minimal scarring.
I will be drinking my pants off after Wednesday of this week.
And last but not least. If I post something even more grammatically incorrect than normal about Sasquatch, ice skating or freakishly strong babies, you'll know I'm having a great birthday.



  1. We'll miss you here, but Dudette, have a seriously awesome fuckin' birthday, OK?! Just don't attempt to use anybody's penis as a puppet!

  2. I can't wait to see Bruno! Sacha Baron Cohen completely cracks me up!

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  3. OM-A birthday without penis puppets? *fans self like the southern belles of old* I'll promises though. Also, I fucking love the word "dudette" so that made my day. *=-) *teenage mutant ninja turtles flashback*

    Chan- You are going to LOVE Bruno if you enjoyed Borat. It's even more ballsy (literally!) Thanks for the birthday well wishing!

  4. I so want to see Bruno!!! Thanks for following my blog.

    I like yours, I'll follow once the damn thingers stop acting up and I can push the follow button!

  5. i totally DO want you to post while full of ale! totally! i turn the two eight in septembre... tell me how it goes.

  6. Oh have a very happy birthday!!! I LOVE karaoke and I'd love to try some of that Kentucky Ale, I think we'll be best of friends lol

  7. Hillbilly-It's the technological devil hounding the sites again. I need a young priest and an old priest.

    MLB- You might just get your wish. I shall partake of mediocore spirits starting tonight and ending next Tuesday. I tend to like to talk about Sasquatch when I'm drinking. Sasquatch and my feet. (No relation)

    Roxane-*=-) Why thank you. If you like beer and beer induced singing I'm sure we'll be like Bart and Milhouse in no time (as long as I can be Miiiiiiilllhoooussse)

  8. Bruno was a funny skinamax film. If skinamax come in gay form these days, I'm not sure how politically correct they are now. Whatever. That's what it was. My fav part was at the psychic reading.

    And I'll watch it every time it's on :) lol.

  9. Hope the bday was great...I am july baby too! Celebrating this weekend.

  10. I don't necessarily understand the humor that is Cohen, but thats just me.

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  11. Y'know, I liked Bruno, really I did -- but I don't think it really showed up people's ignorance in the way that Borat did. I don't think it's wrong to be offended when a man locks you in a hotel bedroom, strips down and comes on to you, as he did to the congressman, and I don't think it's prejudice to not like a TV show idea where a penis is flapped around constantly in front of you, you know.

    It just seemed to have an odd and very mixed message to me. It didn't carry the power that Borat did.

    Admittedly, the bit with the church dude trying to convert him was great; very hilarious and really showed the guy's homophobia, now that is PREJUDICE, and it's WRONG - but most of the film just played on people's discomfort-- and discomfort isn't prejudice. And Bruno plays a part of it himself; for example when he refers to his ass as 'Auschwitz' -- and we laugh, that is disrespectful to Jewish people, more so than a lot of the characters he meets are towards gay people.

    Interesting, funny, but I don't think it's particularly relevant or as cutting as people like to think.

    That's my .02

  12. oooh I MUST see this movie...sounds very hee-heelarious! Sometimes people tend to forget it's just entertainment & shouldn't take any offense to all the humour...

    `Fab weekend to you dear!

  13. A post that mentions both drinking pants off and man sausage? I am going to like this blog...


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