Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Damn You, Technology!

So you might have noticed that I've been trying to be all fancy schmancy and make my blog a little "prettier". You might have also noticed that you couldn't leave me comments and I had complaints that people couldn't "Follow Me" due to my attempt to join the ranks of the Uber Cool Bloggers.
Obviously, my lil non cyborg brain just can't grasp how to make it both pretty AND functional.
Here's my plain jane layout.
Please leave a comment so I know that I've cleaned up my fuckery.


  1. Haha - the comic is HILARIOUS!

    Well, I didn't see what it looked like before, but I love your header!

  2. So, now I know I can post....but am still clueless if anyone else can. arggghhh.

  3. i think blogger is trying to mess everything up! we should form a support group.

  4. Lets call it "Suck it, Blogger! Hugs and Kisses Support Group"
    Has a nice ring to it eh?


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