Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weak Wednesday

Happy Hump Day ya'll! (I've always wondered who started the whole Hump Day thing and the details on the reasoning behind Wednesday being dubbed so). Like many things in life, it's the details that count!
I'm not feeling particularly creative or thoughtful today, so maybe Wednesday should be titled "Weak Wednesday"? The weekend is still two full days away, I still have three full days of work (if you count WW), and I have yet to win the lottery and become one of "those people" that have golden toilets and Fiji water for my dogs Tiffany bowls. Suck it Wednesday.

In other news, my dogs are incredibly depressed with all this news coverage of possibly shortening the number of days that the USPS (United States Postal Service for those of you that might be drunk or otherwise intoxicated to numb the pain of Weak Wednesday) will deliver mail. The government is considering kicking Saturday off of the list of mail delivery days to try to alleviate some of the 9 BILLION dollars of debt accumulated. Personally, it's not a big deal for moi. I do about 98% of my "mailing" via the internet, including paying bills, shopping, harassing family members I don't get to see that often, you know, the norm.

My dogs, however, are inconsolable. Even though Saturday is dog park day, and they'll get to run about minus their leashes and hump till their hearts content, we usually wait until after the mail runs so they can get a good 3 minutes of barking out of their system. Schedules are important, dear government! Sure, people will be out of jobs, but what about my dogs!?!?! I guess they'll just have to go back to eerily barking at my walls in the middle of the afternoon, much like they do in the middle of the night. I adopted all three of my pooches, so I'm not exactly sure what kind of environment they were raised in. Were they all lab test animals who can now commune with spirits? Do they have PTS? Or do they simply enjoy watching me walk to another room while shrieking much like the banshee's of ancient Irish lore?
Man, that shit freaks me out. Especially if I'm watching "Ghost Hunters" or some other freaky show that I love to saturate whats left of my left temporal lobe with, alone.
Shew. I'm rambling. My soul is sucked into the Weak Wednesday abyss. I think I'll straighten my hair. God bless the maker of the Chi flat iron! It tames my lions mane of locks. I wonder who first thought of ironing their hair for dramatic effect? Maybe it was one of those 50's era housewives who ate some lead paint and while ironing her husbands shirts for the next day of "manly business" and thought "hey...I'll iron my freaking hair. Yeah, that'll be totally hot stuff." Whatever the case may be, it sure does make my hair more manageable and glossy and less like the Cowardly Lion.

Ahhh. Buddy just ate my turkey sandwich. Instead of stopping him, I'll just snap a pic.


P.S.-This has brightened my day, so hopefully it will do the same for you my lil Baby Sasses!

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  1. God, I effing love Tenacious D. Even if they are a bunch of stoned crackheads.

  2. Those pics are cute! I hope they get out of their depression soon! And Kings of Leon ROCK!!

  3. What can I say but that you have certainly brightened up my day!

    The TNT (our USPS in the Netherlands)kicked Sunday & Monday off of the list of mail delivery days. My cat doesn't mind, though :) But he does commune with spirits. At least that's what I think he is doing when he just stares at the wall (freaky!)

    P.S. I will name my first born child after my Chi flat iron. Perfectly straight hair! Not a kink or curl in site!! And it stays.

  4. another reason I'm glad I left the states!

    I "found some mushrooms once" and I thought I had cat-arms.

  5. My patience will be tested once again with all the internet shopping I enjoy so much. Hopefully they will wait until after the holidays at least ;)

  6. Hey Crit, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your buddies are way cute! I am also a great fan of cheese!


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