Friday, August 28, 2009


...just for your information I just had to Google the word "Looky" because I had a "moment" where the word just didn't click with the old thought box. Do you ever do that, see a word, a common word and second guess yourself as to how in the world your supposed to spell it!? It's usually common place words too,like "fart" or "muffin" nothing like "thermodynamics" or "SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS", as a nod to Mary Poppins.
And to think, I was the Spelling Bee champion of my grade school. OH, how the mighty have fallen!

I just wrapped up my first week of my senior year as a psych undergrad major. I'm already hating my statistical/experimental professor. Can you say pretentious? To kick it all, he's probably only 5-6 years older than me. *flips him off accordingly*

Last weekend I made a trip to TN to visit some of mi familia before becoming so consumed by full time work/school. Obviously this is why I've been noticeably (I hope anyway, did you not even miss me!?!?!?!)neglectful of this here blog.

Since I have to write a case study and submit it by noon I'm going to entertain you with photo story of my trip to TN and back. I apologize for the photo quality as I was using the camera on my cell phone. I'm still shopping for a new digital camera.
The hubs looking unbelievably adorable in the new ensemble I bought for him. Awwwwww.

Before driving 3 hours with the windows down and sun roof open. Need I say my hair looked much better at this point? Also notice my cute new hat. Jealous?

Notice the beautiful day? You would have opened the sun roof as well, you know it!

I passed a lot of neato Bikers, but this guy was my favorite. He was listening to Fleetwood Mac on his little biker radio. Awww.

One of my sisters adorable, camera lovin' children. Can you say Russell Crowe complex? I felt like the paparazzi!

I know, this picture is super blurry. This photo is too entertaining to ignore!

On the way back from TN I stopped at the Abraham Lincoln Museum. This is a Volk Life Mask of Honest Abe. I was severely freaked out that his hands are as big as my entire head (and nearly the size of his own!) There was also a pic of me in a union soldiers hat (which was surprisingly fashionable!), but it didn't turn out. BOO.

A really cool piece of student art found in the museum? Look familiar?

I was surrounded by cars with catchy sayings like this. I was told after I began my journey back to KY that Bristol (I had no idea what this was until my sister so kindly informed that it was some sort of racing event) was that weekend. I spent a lot of time behind testosterone fueled males trying to pretend that they too are race car drivers in their wives mini vans. Joy.

Most of the time I was surrounded by jallopy RV's that also quoted racing jargon. Thankfully, I made it home in one piece!

I hope you enjoyed traveling with me. Please notice I always wear a seat belt. It's sure to keep my head juices in place after it explodes from road rage.

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  1. Welcome back! Glad your first week went reasonably well. Abe truly was a giant amongst men - although don't know if everything was in proportion ;)

  2. I thought you were busy with that busy life you have there. I am glad that things are going well so far for you and hope that it keeps that pace for you.
    Keep strong and hope the classes fly for you !

    welcome back !

  3. mys-They were actual casts of his face and hands. That's why I was so mystified.

    Hillbilly-I can't wait to invest in a new digital camera so I can have photo's with a little more depth.

    Chrys-Gracias. Time is already zipping by. Too bad I don't have a giant remote to slow down the nice times. *=-P

  4. The mental blackouts when it comes to spelling an ordinary word happens to me frighteningly often – though in my defence I’d say they’re usually ones which I keep seeing other people misspell. Rather throws you after a bit.

  5. I think your hair looks smokin' all wind tousled. I wish mine had that effect after a car trip. Pout.

  6. Road trips are the best. I feel like I've had my own weekend away looking at those.

  7. dude i just thinking where's that ccbb? and then! there you were! we missed you. sniff. you two are aDORable :)

  8. Awwww, Fleetwood Mac.....a biker after my own heart!


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