Monday, August 31, 2009

Moo, Cow, Moo.

It's amazing how one photo of a terribly depressing cow can reflect the current state of the United States economy. Gaunt, infested with parasites and lethargic, divided we fall.
(photo taken on a farm in TN neighboring my sisters home)

It's Monday and I have the plague (which I was told by a friend might be some sort of rebel attack from Russian immigrant hookers...perhaps they cuddled up against the new pillows I picked up from JCPenny prior to my purchasing of them seeing as how I don't make it a point to hang with Russian immigrant hookers daily) so this post is noticeably shorter. I have an online lecture concerning Comparative politics to catch up on before work, so ciao for now!


  1. i'm glad i can't see the cow's eyes, they're probably too depressing to handle, but i love the comparason!

    ps. feel better soon, plagues are no fun.

  2. That's really sad.....

  3. I think that cow must've read my last post....

  4. :( ... I think this might be a picture of me...

  5. You toally hang with Russian Immigrant Hookers daily...I think you protest too much. (Hope you feel better soon.)

  6. So true about the cow photo. Hope you feel better soon!


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