Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Unoriginal Halloween Costume Shoppe

Halloween is only 10 days away, and to celebrate, I've called into work today (hooooray!)so that I can finish up some homework. I have about 5 different "haunted houses" I want to visit this weekend, so I needed some time to finish up some absolutely necessary assignments for my Comparative Politics class. Boo for writing a case study about why Afghanistan is struggling to establish itself as a democracy (I think it's excessive to ask for 5 pages when it can be aptly summed up by saying "Religious intolerance+archaic belief systems=me hate you long time")
So, instead of doing what I had set out to do (homework) I'm uploading funny Halloween related video's to Blogger and Facebook. God bless you technology!
So enjoy.
I apologize for the video if your dressing as a slutty *insert anything here* or the Balloon Boy (or perhaps a slutty version of the Balloon Boy!) Actually, no I'm not. I despise the slutty costumes. Dressing up began as a way to deter spirits from inhabiting your body and wearing a slutty nurse outfit is just asking to go all Exorcist and shit. Actually....I suppose it could be viewed as a form of natural selection. Hmmmmmm.....


  1. Same hereI can't stand the slutty ones!

  2. I want the slutty nun costume! LOL

  3. Entirely coincidentally I’ve just been watching Mean Girls, which contains the classic line “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

  4. Kris-I concur madame.

    HeartN-How about an undead slutty nun? That's forgiveable.

    Simon-True. BUT...keep in mind those same slutty bee's, fairies, pirates, nuns, ref's, Sarah Palin's bite the big one first in any horror movie with one exception that I can think of...Trick R Treat (a jewel for any of you that would like to see a good horror movie!). Of course, theres a kick to why they don't get hacked to bits that you'll just have to watch the movie to find out.

  5. Good luck on that assignment; keep us posted on the haunted houses!

  6. I never get the slutty costumes anyway! as halloween is supposed to be scary... not slutty... it's not hugh heffner's party or something...


  7. god, i hate the slutty plague on halloween. i hate it so hard!

  8. Lady-I'm so excited about doin' the Halloween thing this weeekend! I'll be sure to make a special post about my findings next week. *=-)

    Tooth-Ex-ACTLY! HA! Hugh Heffner's party. Everyone tries though, huh?

    Mylil-It really is the equivalent of a plague. A plague that hand sanitizer can't stifle. Damnit.

  9. oh my god...I hate the slutty costumes. Like why do most the older girl costumes have to be slutty?
    Makes no sense.argh.

    And um I have no idea how you do haunted houses. Well, actually I've never been to one. But I don't think I'll be changing that record anytime soon.

  10. "me hate you long time" You crack me up :)
    I hope you had a great Halloween.

  11. Bonko! That means you have an award waiting for you on my blog!! Come n' get it!

  12. Just to let you know, your writing is missed.


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