Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Am Not Dead (but am planning on being undead soon)

Greetings fellow blogorino's!
First and foremost, let me say, if you didn't get it from my title, that I am not dead! RAWKING!
However, I've been swamped with school, work and trying to get things lined up for my 7th annual Halloween bash. Most days the only time I'm even online is to check Blackboard (my new arch nemesis by the way.)
Life has been pretty good. I saw the Silversun Pickups in concert with Manchester Orchestra and Cage the Elephant about a week ago (fantastic show in which I was so close to the stage I could practically taste Brian's sweet, sweet, sweat) at my new favorite bar/billiard room. The Saturday before that I saw a band that I'm totally obsessing over, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun. Imagine if Bjork, Depeche Mode and Hole had a musical baby that wasn't all cracked out.
I'm going to try and stop in more often as I miss all of you MUCHO, but I can't really promise it'll be as often as I'd like. I have time tonight because I left work early due to my busted ass sinuses making me feel like I have Samuel Jackson-esque eye pokeyoutiness (hooray for making up words!)
Thanks to all who gave me awards, I'll be retrieving those shortly. My ego has been appropriately stroked now. *purr, purr*
What are everyone's Halloween plans?
I've got my costume lined up, the house decked out (complete with zombies and such) and some tasty "it'll get ya' drunk" drink recipes!
Shin Digs going on in your area?
I love hearing about all that stuff.
Take care lovelies!
Feel free to add me on Facebook if you want to keep in touch more regularly, since I check that on my phone in between classes and work.

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  1. Glad to know you're alive, was wondering where you were!

  2. I second Mr. C's thoughts as I just started following you in your last post and all of a sudden you disappear! Thought I had something to do what that again ... ;)

    I'm going to check out that brilliant band you recommended; love listening to new music

  3. No Halloween plans, because we don't really celebrate it in Aus. Having said that though, kids are starting to trick or treat around our way, so we should get something lined up I suppose.

  4. Yeah you are back.... so finding you on FaceBook.

  5. Mr. C- I've been forced into solitude by my crazy life schedule. I'm managing my time a bit better as of late, so hopefully I'll be keeping up with everyone a bit better. *=-)

    lady-Both of the bands I listed are quite fantastique! I'm glad your following me, even when I'm painstakingly absent. *=-P

    Tenny-No Halloween!?!?! *Gasp, and fans self Scarlett O'Hara style* I'm not sure if I want to visit down under now. *=-P

    Courtney-Imma' gonna' find you too!

  6. *wipes off happy tear* anywho, i am so bad a halloween. all the sexy cats scare me. and the sexy police women... and the sexy cowgirls....

  7. MLB-The sexy nuns are quite scary as well!
    And the sexy Jehovah's witnesses.
    And the sexy pooper scoopers.
    And the stupid, sexy Flanders!


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