Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Me Again, Blogger

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an incredibly sporadic blogger!

I'm going to give this a go again, in spite of my recent (and unannounced, sorry about that) sabbatical from the world of online autobiographing (and yes, I did just make that word up). I had lost all desire to write in my free time when I have to do so much of it for my classes (although professionally, I don't get to make up cool words like I do here) but have decided that I've missed all of you wankers enough to make another debut.
I just returned from a business trip that enabled me to visit FL and Disneyland for free, which was a pretty sweet deal. Yeah, I had to push around a 75 year old man in a wheelchair for 8 hours in Sea World, but I got the best ice cream of my entire existence, was able to witness PETA in full on battle mode since I was there the day after the killer whale lived up to it's name (killer, not Tilli, that's kinda weak) and had my picture taken with some kid dressed up like Mickey Mouse. *=-)
How are all of you?
I've missed your shennanigans. I can't wait to peek in on your blogs. I'm such a voyeur.

Avast maties! I'm standing in front of the Tili tank. No one was allowed to be any closer than that.

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  1. The best ice cream of your entire existence? Wow. I want one too.

  2. for freeeeee? so jealous. i'm excited you're back and better than ever (i assume) :)


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