Monday, April 1, 2013

Walking Dead, You Feel So Real *SPOILERS*

As I'm sure many of you are aware, last night was the season finale of The Walking Dead. While I'm still not sure what I'll do during Monday afternoons (I always watch the day after) I can honestly say that I was pleased by last nights episode. Sure it wasn't the usual, edge of your seat, head busting, gut exploding kind of edge that we've all grown accustomed to, but it was a indeed a sharp episode. I'm a sucker for a good story and I feel that good stories are easy to overlook if we're focusing too intently on making sure the brains seeping out of someone's mouth looks realistic enough. So, I'm sharing my two cents here, on my lil corner-o-the-web to what very well may be no one. Carl. Never, in the first two seasons, would I have dreamed to see this character progress so much in one season. Chandler Riggs deserves an extra organic juice box (or Scotch, whatever child celebrities are into these days)for making me move from loathing any time he was on screen because I knew his appearance would warrant at least 5 "Where's Carl?" questions, to making me lean forward, just a little, in my seat to see what borderline serial killer sentence would come from his mouth. We see his innocence slip away like so many zombie extras and there isn't a damn thing Rick can do about it. Carl is a product of being young during a time when being human is a luxury that ends with the people you care about dying. The is no room for the perpetual gray that his father, Rick, lives in. Black and white, live or die, there is no room for hope. Rick is on the opposite end of the spectrum by the end of season 3. You can tell that his humanity is ebbing back into him, breathing compassion back into his thoughts and actions (but at what cost?) His decision to allow Woodbury's survivors to find sanctuary at The Prison harkens back to the Rick of old, the one who had woken up to a world gone mad with fear. This is the Rick I enjoy. I really feel that his encounter with Morgan (who is now a hollow shell without his son) is what urged him to "Check himself before he wrecked himself." No one wants to be the lonely, crazy, survivalist with only rats (that are soon to be Walker bait) for company. Andrea is dead! And what's most shocking is I actually teared up! Andrea is (was) by far my least favorite character. I know that I'm not alone in my all things Andrea disdain. I think I hated her so much because she was so real. We all like to think that if zombies start tearing the world apart, that we'll be kicking ass and push forever forward. However, lets face it, most of us would be Andrea. We would be scared, we would look for someone strong to cling to, and we would lose hope, more than once. I can forgive her for her fear. Zombies ate her sisters face and she nearly killed Daryl (putting her on everyone's shit list) but what I can't get is how selectively obtuse she is. She's that friend that is constantly asking for your opinion but never taking your advice (and complaining about things never changing.) A lot of people were complaining about the way that she died (I.E. being an afternoon snack for Milton) but I thought it was fitting. There are only so many times that you back pedal on what you think is right or wrong before it..well...bites you in the ass (or in this case, the shoulder.) Do I think she could have taken him? Sure. Even Glenn killed a zombie while he was tied up and he's on the same ferocity level as my lukewarm cup of tea. Do I think it was poignant that she died at the hands/mouth of someone as weak willed as herself? You bet I did. They were both victims of their weak wills and I wouldn't have been satisfied with her having died at anyone elses hands. The governor has completely wigged out and I kinda love it. I feel as if The Governor is a vision of what Carl might become if something doesn't happen soon for him (Carl) to get a grip.I think a showdown between Carl and The Governor would be powerful, but we'll have to see what Season 4 holds. Overall, in my humble and often too critical opinion, it was an excellent place to bid adieu to us this season (even if I was kind of expecting Daryl to go all Apocalypse Now with the death of Merle still being so new.)

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  1. I wasn't happy with last nights episode. It didn't really make a whole lot of sense to me. Tyrese told his gf? or whoever she is to stay with the people while he goes and watches the post some more. This left an opening for thought of what is he going to go do? Fast forward a little bit and he has done nothing. The girl is now with him guarding the gate. That was such a useless scene. It would have made more sense if later on her snooped through the governor's room and found Andrea and saved her from Zombie Milton. Then at the end Carl blames his dad for his mother being gone, but let's face it.. she was probably going to die anyway with being cut open the way she was and the baby not being in the correct position. That is just my thoughts on last night's episode. It could have been better. I felt pretty let down about it.


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