Sunday, June 16, 2013

Growing Things

How is that we are the superior species? My dogs do not spend their day stressing out if the internet is down. They don't forget to give me a cuddle because they are in a hurry. If the electricity ceased to exist tomorrow, they would still be able to feed themselves, whereas my ability would be iffy at best. Our shining technology and brains thick with contemplation fail to realize how short the distance is between us and our pre-historic breathren. There are days when I think, wouldn't life be better in the dirt, hands calloused from use and sun, my reactions guided by my most basic needs? When the the glitter and gold of this bright world didn't distract my mind from the truth of life, that we are fragile, that we need little and that joy comes from hard work, human touch and food to eat. When did we decide that we should create so much distance?

I long for a world without internet, which is ironic, given that this is my medium for storing these thoughts. In a world "connected", I have encountered more lonely souls than I ever did when socializing meant sharing a space with someone. Sometimes I wonder what a person traveling from the past would think of our "progress". In my heart, I believe they would be amazed and saddened, hypnotized and repulsed. Our round bodies, our glazed eyes, our SUV's carrying one passenger, our waste, our decadence, our sleeplessness, the relentless noise.

Run far, time traveler, and good luck sleeping knowing the fate of your race.

I am a product of my generation, banging my head into the wall I put up. Sleep is stolen from us, and yet, our life lengthens. We have lost our balance.

Green spaces are healing. Plant something and watch it grow and know that your hand grew something free. No uploading necessary. No firewall protection needed. Hold someone's hand. Don't like their photos or email them. Connecting existed long before electricity did.

Think about whether you are spending more time with your computer than the people you love. That box full of wires isn't going to give a damn if you never turn it on again, but the people in your life are dying a little everyday. Do you want your life flashing before your eyes to be filled with Google searches and Facebook? Improve your quality of life by living it! It's okay to take trips into the cyber world, but build your life with things you can touch, taste and smell as well as see.

You have so much potential. You are a living thing, move, breathe deep and rejoice! Surround yourself with life and not static. Treat yourself like a growing thing, nurture your heart and mind. You will be surprised with the peace you will find in letting go of what it is you think you need.

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